Helen and matt

Helen and matt

The Beginning

The gentle currents in the pool undulated back and forth. The pool was so clear its turquoise walls shimmered through the wavelets and softened the edges of Helens pale yellow bikini as Matt stood ten or twelve feet from her, comfortably staring, admiring and enjoying.

She grinned and confidently spoke, "Well, Matt, 20 years of marriage today and Im still a happy camper. How about you?"

"Are you kidding? Every time I look at you in that bikini I cant control myself. Thank God were in the pool."

Her snicker bubbled across the wave tops as she pushed off and swam slowly towards him. When she got to him, she offered her wet lips to his and the two savored a long, wet kiss. He broke first, placing a hand on her shoulders and turning her then pulling her back to him, her back against his front, nestled comfortably against his trunks and the life emerging within them. "Umhh, honey. That feels good."

They stayed that way, swaying and rubbing for several minutes until her hand reached behind her and slid his trunks down enough to reposition herself with her hips split over his rigid cock where she rode it on the thin material of her bikini bottoms. His teeth pulled the string on her top apart and it floated off. Her breasts fit neatly into his hands as he held and moved her over and over, listening to her moaning and knowing what they would soon do.

Helen moaned a little extra moan then unconsciously flipped her head back so her mouth was next to his chin and in a very soft voice asked, "Matt, ever sorry you never had other women?"

He knew the correct answer, "No, absolutely not. Youre the only woman for me, dear." but he paused and didnt say it. She noticed the pause and chose to wait and see if this was good news or bad news. "Honey, do you want honesty or platitudes?"

"Honesty, Matt, always honesty."

"Well then, I suppose from time to time Ive wondered what it would be like but, you know, always with one of our friends or someon... Læs hele novellen

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