Too later

Too later

Slave is late getting home, and gets punished and pleasured by her Master!

Dear Reader, the story you are about to read is true...remember that as you read!

Jenna drove as fast as she dared. The wreck on the bridge had caused a stand still in traffic for thirty minutes and when it had started to move it was at a snail’s pace. She was fifteen minutes late. Jared would be displeased. He’d told her to be home no later than six-thirty. She left the packages in the car and went straight inside.

“You are late.”

“Yes, Master, I am sorry.”

JaredMaster grabbed her wrist and pulled her quickly to the lashing post. Her cuffs still hung there on the chain from two nights previously when he’d whipped her for pleasure, but jennaslave knew that this would be entirely different. Today, she was being punished.

He secured her quickly without removing her clothes. This one post of the many that she had designed into the architecture of their home was close to the wall to allow less mobility. Her arms were high above her head and she was up on her toes. She was blinded by the black leather mask that he slipped over her eyes and stunned by the next sensation. JaredMaster took her dress by the hem and ripped it up the center of the back. He’d instructed her earlier in the day to wear no panties so she stood helpless and barebacked before him.

He took the whip from his back pocket and without stopping he lashed her on her ass, thighs, and back for each minute that she was late, making her count each blow out loud. By fifteen she was quietly crying behind the black mask.

“I’m so sorry, Master”

“You are forgiven,” he said as he released her wrists and removed her blindfold. “We will not make our reservations in time now so you may remove what’s left of your clothes and put on your collar. I will start supper.”


“Later, my jennaslave…” He knew what she wanted. She always needed to suckle after punishment ... Læs hele novellen

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